KISA is organising two workshops as part of the project “Integration Programmes for Third-Country Nationals and Local Authorities”. The workshops are co-funded by the European Integration Fund and the Government of Cyprus, Ministry of Interior and the Municipality of Nicosia is the coordinator of the project. The workshops plan to cover two subjects; History and Culture of Cyprus and Cyprus and the European Union. The workshops are addressed to migrants and students from third countries and will be conducted in English at KISA’s premises.They aim at informing participants and providing them with a compact overview of Cyprus, its history and culture, an overview of structures and institutions of Cyprus and the EU, how EU has developed, its major decision-making structures and bodies.

It is hoped that the workshops will contribute to the integration of migrants, an objective that KISA has been working towards for a long time now. So, if you are a third-country migrant/student (sorry, the programme does not include refugees or asylum seekers) with regular visa and other papers, you are invited to take part to the workshops, which also include visits to museums and other places of interest.The workshops are to be implemented in June but please contact KISA in order to arrange the best possible days for most