Eco For Life


Duration: March 2015 - February 2017

Location: Cyprus, France, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal


Eco For Life (ECFOLI) is an innovative Media Education and Information Literacy (MIL) project that seeks to address issues and implement solutions for the benefit of the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) youth, that have been strongly affected by the events of the past few years. ECFOLI aims to work towards solutions by analysing important issues with regards to the environment (as in their surroundings) Health and cultural heritage, offering the opportunity to the youth involved to meet, share and create in their own communities fostering dialogue and allowing for the establishment of long lasting and sustainable skills in conflict management and resolution.

ECFOLI will implement three competencies of MIL: Citizenship, Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict Resolution, focusing on the specific local context of each country involved. The youth will be given tools to be active citizens in support of their local environment and society at large. It will achieve these objectives through the development of an e-learning platform. 

Through the platform, ECFOLI will enable cross curriculum communication between all participants (including the trainers and youth) and will promote peace by emplementing media education and information through the lens of cultural heritage. The teens and young adults from all countries will have the opportunity to interact together and create different media products illustrating and bringing alive their common culture building therefore long-lasting friendships and true dialogue between communities.

Each media product created will illustrate the different themes of environment cultural heritage, while raising awareness on the different conflicts. The products will include Digital storytelling/Short documentary, music videos, small drama plays, and video games.

This project promotes strategies for conflict resolution, intercultural dialogue, and respect of human rights.




Cooperativa de Formacao e Animacao Cultural (COFAC) with Lusofona University - Portugal

Forum de la Citoyenneté - Morocco

International Children's Film Festival of Cyprus (ICFFCY) - Cyprus

Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD) - Palestine

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - France


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