CCMC » 4pm - December 10, 2010
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Από το άλμπουμ Digital Storytelling at CCMC, CCMC was delighted to host a full house on Thursday the 9 December 2010 at its community screening event ‘What’s our story: personal stories from across the island’. The event, which featured the screening of digital stories created in workshops across Cyprus was attended by around 80 people, all there to watch the short films, and to celebrate in the one year anniversary of the opening of the Centre in its premises in Nicosia’s buffer zone. These photos are from the screening and also the workshops leading up to the making of the films.

Cyprus Community Media Centre

"Επενδύοντας δυναμικά σε μια ενεργή κοινωνία με εκπαίδευση για τα μέσα επικοινωνίας."