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 Duration: April 2012 – January 2014

 Location: Cyprus

 Aims of the Programme:

 The aims of this research project are to: a) study ways and practices by which violence and conflicts are reflected in the informational content of the Cypriot television; and b)familiarise journalists and  members of civil society with an open approach towards dealing with these issues. The ultimate goal is to foster and adopt new skills and for news coverage of issues of violence and conflict.




Cypriot society is undergoing a period of intense change – challenges to traditional values, changes in the family model, transformation of economic structures, increased migration and redistribution of demographic balances etc. In the midst of change is the rise of (a new form of) violence. According to information from the police and judicial authorities, crime, trafficking and exploitation of people and especially women (trafficking), sports and racist

violence occur with greater frequency than in the past. The media are the main vehicles of representation and mediation of key problems in Cypriot society incorporating these themes on a daily basis.

Within the mainstream media landscape, television is the most popular medium for Cypriots choose, and it predominates in the dissemination of information, entertainment, political and social orientation of Cypriot society. At the same time television is the medium that is routinely criticised for the treatment of news as a spectacle, for selective coverage of complex problems in modern societies. Television is considered that by systematically promoting issues of crime and violence that reinforces fear and the sense of threat of

citizens, contributing to a growing social intolerance towards heterogeneous components of modern societies.

The umbilical cord that joins journalism with 'official' sources, the joint co-formulation of frameworks of interpretation, but also the absence of citizens in the mediated public debate on the problems societies face highlight the need for a review of journalistic practices and the (re)connection of professional and citizen journalism.

Programme Activities:

- Content analysis of television coverage of domestic events of conflict and violence (crime, trafficking and exploitation, sport violence, racial violence, etc.)

- Laboratory participatory journalism for public service journalists and "amateur" journalists and active members of civil society (bloggers, active Internet users, members of social networks, etc.) inn collaborative news production to address issues of violence and conflict

- The creation of a platform for public participation in the production of, and

commentary on, the news


Cyprus University of Technology

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

CCMC Contact Person: Natasha Apostolidou -

This project is co-funded by the Research Promotion Foundation of the Republic of Cyprus.

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MYCYradio – Your multilingual web radio



Duration: December 2012 – December 2013

 Location: Cyprus

 Aims of the Programme:

To establish and run MYCYradio, a web-based multilingual community radio station for the European Commission Representation in Cyprus.





The community media sector – a distinct sector alongside state media, public service media and private commercial media – has a growing presence in the European media landscape. It is made up of independent, not-for-profit outlets, based in civil society, usually with significant community participation. There are over 2000 community radio stations across Europe – the highest concentrations are in Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

The importance of the community media sector has been acknowledged by the European institutions. In September 2008 a European Parliament Resolution noted that community media are an effective means of strengthening cultural and linguistic diversity, social inclusion and local identity. In February 2009 the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe declared its support for community media with a view to helping them play a positive role for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue. Finally, the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), the umbrella organisation for the sector in Europe, has received support from the European Commission through the Europe for Citizens programme.

Cyprus has many communities but no community media. There are the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities as well as the smaller historic communities of Armenians, Maronites and Latins. Moreover, there are now many citizens of other EU Member States living and working on the island – they account for 12.5% of the labour force, the second highest proportion in the EU after Luxembourg – and there are also significant numbers of third country nationals – as many as 60.000 – legally working here.

2013 being the European Year of Citizens, the EC Representation in Cyprus wishes to establish a pilot community media project that will promote communication and dialogue within and between these diverse communities.

Programme Activities:

- Establish and run a web-based multilingual community radio station; that is a radio station that will be available to listen to on the Internet

- Establish an information website and associated social media pages

- Draw up a Foundation Charter that will govern the operation of the station

- Outreach to individuals and community organisations that will participate in broadcasting on the station

- Provide operational radio and equipment training to broadcasters



Check us out Online:


Facebook: MYCYradio

Twitter: @MYCYradio

CCMC Contact Person: Natalie Konyalian -

This project is supported by the European Commission Representation in Cyprus.


Cyprus Community Media Centre

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