Partnerships with Media

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC)

CCMC and CyBC are currently participating in the consortium implementing the projectConflict and Violence on Cypriot Television, led by the Cyprus University of Technology, and funded by the Research Promotion Foundation of the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) Radio 2

CCMC has been broadcasting a monthly civil society podcast on the “Round and About” show since September 2011.

Independent Media Center (IMC)

Radyo Mayis

Since September 2010, Radyo Mayis has hosted a fortnightly CCMC radio programme entitled entitled “45 Minutes with Community Media”. CCMC has also supported theAnahtar Mediapartnership between Radyo Mayis and Radio Astra.

Sim TV

Since July 2012, Sim TV has been broadcasting “Roots of Change”, a series of CCMC audiovisual productions.

Turkish Cypriot Association of Journalists (KTGB)

CCMC partnered with KTGB in the framework of the Collaborative Media Initiative project to co-organise an open discussion in April 2011 on the topic of “Challenges and Prospects for Media Collaboration in Cyprus”.

Yeniduzen Gazetesi

Turkish News Agency

TAK has agreed to prioritise press releases issued by CCMC and its membership.

Cyprus Radio and Television Authority (CyRTA)

CCMC has been participating in the Cyprus media regulator’s Advisory Board for Media Literacy (September 2011-present), which in October presented its work at a recent half-day seminar. CCMC and CyRTA are also working together on a recommendation for reform of the existing media legislation to include licensing for community media.

Cyprus Weekly

CCMC has been publishing a weekly column in the newspaper since January 2012.

CCMC has been publishing a weekly column on the online since September 2012.

Radio Astra

CCMC has supported theAnahtar Mediapartnership between Radio Astra and Radyo Mayis in the Turkish Cypriot Community. At present the two organisations are developing a joint proposal to a Call for Proposals from the European Parliament.


CCMC, in collaboration with the NGO Support Centre, hosts a weekly show entitled “Civil Society” on the Monday morning magazine showKalimera K’ Efexe(since November 2012).


Cyprus Community Media Centre

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