CCMC as a guest...

CCMC on Radio Astra (3 July 2013)

CCMC's Michalis Simopoulos talks to Danae Psilla from Future Worlds Centre, as part of the 'Epea Pteroenta' show on Radio Astra, about CCMC's work as well as the fledgling MYCYradio initiative.

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Update on the CMFE Conference on CyBC Radio 2 (25 August 2011)

CCMC's Michalis Simopoulos talks to to Rosie Charalambous on 'Round and About' about the upcoming CMFE Conference, and about the growing significance of the community media sector in Cyprus and Europe.

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Media Against Racism in Sport on CyBC Radio 2, Part 1 (25 Jan 2012)

The Council of Europe's Reynald Blion talks to Rosie Charalambous on 'Round and About' about the MARS programme, and about the Cyprus Media Encounter taking place at CCMC.

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The Cyprus EU Presidency meets bloggers on CyBC Radio 3 (30 July 2012)

CCMC's Michalis Simopoulos joins blogger Petros Mavros on Athina Violari's 'I Grammi Tis Europis' show, talking about the Cyprus Presidency's Bloggers meeting that took place in Brussels on 26 July 2012.

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CMI on Super Sport FM 3 Dec 2010

Michalis Simopoulos, is project coordinator for the Collaborative Media Initiative (CMI), which is under the auspices of the Cyprus Community Media Centre. Here you can listen to his guest appearance on the show 'H Kypros Konta Mas' [Cyprus Close to Us] on Super Sport FM, 3 December 2010.

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Cyprus Community Media Centre

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