"Member Made" videos

Here you can browse content that has been made by CCMC member organisations and friends. These productions are either the result of training workshops at CCMC, or made with our support or equipment.

"Arabahmet": made in CCMC training

A short film about POST Research Institute's multicultural walking tours in Nicosia. This film was made in a video production and editing workshop provided for civil society by CCMC.

"Solar": made in CCMC workshop

"Solar": a film about photovoltaics made during a video production and editing workshop run by CCMC.


'Spirals': Digital story

A film made by Maria Papagapiou during a Digital Storytelling workshop held at CCMC in December 2010.

'A Picture of Hope': Digital story

 "A Picture of Hope": A film by Pembe Mentesh made in a digital storytelling workshop held at CCMC in December 2010.

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