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15 December 2014 | “Exposing the Invisible” screening at the Cyprus Community Media Centre [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

16 July 2013 | Panel Discussion on Community, Social & Mainstream: The changing nature of media in the Turkish Cypriot Community [ENG] [TRK]

4 June 2013 |The Council of Europe Organises 1st MEDIANE European Encounter on Diversity Inclusiveness in Nicosia, Cyprus [ENG]

14 May 2013 | MYCYradio goes "One-on-One" with Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou [ENG]

13 May 2013 | Cyprus Community Media Centre Launches Multimedia Studio [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

24 April 2013 | Cyprus' first Multilingual Radio Station Launched at Event at the Europe House in Nicosia [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

6 March 2013 | Cyprus represented at landmark Euro-Mediterranean Media Forum in Barcelona [ENG] [GRK]

27 February 2013 | Memories and Faces of the old Bandabulya Market - Multimedia Exhibition by CCMC [ENG

28 January 2013 | Community Media Giving Voice to the Voiceless [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

22 January 2013 | CCMC Incentive Awards for Media Collaboration Awards Ceremony [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

31 October 2012 | Community Media receives endorsement from Cyprus media regulator [ENG] [GRK]

10 October 2012 | Community Media and the Role of Local Authorities [ENG] [GRK]

10 October 2012 | Online Photo and Film Competition on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations in Cyprus [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

21 September 2012 | Nicosia’s Buffer Zone plays host to the global Social Good Summit [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

20 September 2012 | 'The Media in Crisis? The role of alternative media as platforms of communication with citizens [ENG] [GRK]

4 September 2012 | Ground breaking Incentive Awards for Media launched by the Cyprus Community Media Centre [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

30 August 2012 | Open production call for freelance media creatives launches in September 2012 [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

24 April 2012 | Report calls for CCMC to be used as a go-between for Media Collaboration Across the Divide [ENG]

18 April 2012 | CCMC participates in global screening of ‘One Day on Earth’ [ENG] [GRK]

12 April 2012 | Open Discussion on the Challenges and prospects for collaboration in the field of media in Cyprus [ENG} [TRK

21 March 2012 | European Commissioner on Climate Action impressed by the involvement of civil society in the DigiMe Photo and Film competition [ENG]

20 March 2012 | Community Media calls for greater racial representation in the media [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

23 January 2012 | Olympic Gold Medal Winner Karolina Pelendritou to Address Racism and Discrimination in Sport [ENG] [GRK]

16 December 2011 | “The Active Participation of Cypriots through the DigiMe Online Photo and Film Competition on Climate Change is both moving and encouraging", says Head of the EC Representation in Cyprus, Androulla Kaminara.

13 December 2011 | Winners' Awards Ceremony for the DigiMe Photo and Film Competition on Climate Change and Energy in Cyprus

05 December 2011 | Prix Jeunesse's Best in Children's TV Coming to Cyprus [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

28 November 2011 | "Recognise Community Media in Cyprus" [ENG] [TRK]

13 November 2011 | Community Media Forum Europe Conference Press Release [ENG] [TRK]

11 October 2011 | Online Photo and Film Competition sparks Climate Change and Energy debate in Cyprus [ENG] [GRK]

27 June 2011 | Collaborative Media Initiative Conference Post Event Release [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

27 June 2011 | Wonder Women Residency [ENG] [GRK]

20 June 2011 | Two-day conference showcasing best practice in media collaboration. [ENG], [GRK], [TRK]

24 February 2011 | Μέλη οργανώσεων της κοινωνίας των πολιτών εκπαιδεύονται στο βιντεομοντάζ [GRK]

21 February 2011 | Communities Reap the Rewards of Video Editing Training at CCMC [ENG]

04 February 2011 | Video Editing Training at CCMC [TRK]

04 February 2011 | Video Production Training at CCMC [ENG]

18 January 2011 | Journalists' Briefing at CCMC [ENG] [GRK]

22 October 2010 | CCMC launches new training schedule [ENG]

5 October 2010 | CCMC Media Mix Post Event press release  [ENG] [TRK]

5 October 2010 | «Τα κοινοτικά μέσα μπορούν να οικοδομήσουν γέφυρες» τόνισε η Lisa Buttenheim [GRK]

28 September 2010 | CCMC 'Media Mix 2010' Event: Bringing together Journalists and civil society [ENG] [GRK] [TRK

31 August 2010 | Launch of first intercommunal community media website. [ENG] [GRK] [TRK]

 18 June 2010 | 'Handful of Culture' - film made by children screened at CCMC [ENG]

21 May 2010 | Guerilla Mediamaking and Screening of Ten Tactics at CCMC [ENG] [GRK[TRK]

10 December 2010 | Post-event Media Release on Launch of CCMC [ENG]

09 December 2010 | Launch of CCMC by 'The Elders' [GRK] [TRK] [ENG]





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