Generation 0101

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Generation 0101

Duration: November 2014 - October 2016

Location: Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey


Youth unemployment is a burning issue in today's Europe. Yet the young generation has the most potential when it comes to learning and innovating in a field in constant demand for more skilled employees: Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Cyprus Community Media Center (CCMC) in partnership with 6 other European NGOs and Non-profit organisations, already involved in informal education, have decided to tackle the issue with project Generation0101. The project aims to build the skills and confidence of young people, and thus increase their chances of finding jobs. To do this, the organisations will create educational modules and offer free training in several ICT disciplines.

Encouraging the development and recognition of ICT skills, of people around Europe, to respond to the growing need of such skills in the job market is the aim of the Digital Agenda initiative implemented by the European Commission for the Europe 2020 Strategy. With that in mind, the different partners involved in Generation 0101 will research the impact the Digital Agenda has had so far in their respective countries. This research will be used to develop guidelines for decision-makers in the ICT field at the national and European level. A way of increasing the efficiency of the strategies already in place, and identify what needs attention next. 

The next step in Generation 0101 will be the creation of 7 educational modules (educational materials for trainers and trainees) in areas of ICT skills that are currently in demand in the working world: E-journalism, Mobile Application development, Web designing, Community Web Radio, using Online collaboration tools (cloud solution, online document sharing…), Easy Coding (game development), and Video development.

Each partner will be in charge of developing one of these modules in a field they have experience in, and then sharing it with the others. They will then offer training to young people, within their communities, in all 7 fields for free with a proficiency test and certification at the end.

With at least 5 students in each 7 modules for each 7 partners, this should result in 245 young Europeans armed with and confident in their ICT skills, ready to tackle jobs in the digital industry, or anywhere else as such skills are valuable everywhere in our modern world.


Centre of Technical Culture - Croatia

Telecentre - Croatia

Study Center City of Foligno - Italy

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association - Latvia

Langas I Ateiti - Lithuania

University of Izmir - Turkey

 CCMC Contact person: Hazal Yolga - 



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