Partnerships with International Organisations

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European Commission Representation in Cyprus 

CCMC has been supported by the EC Representation in implementing the DigiMe a photo and film competition that aims to raise awareness on a variety of issues – environment in 2011, active ageing in 2012. The EC Representation supported the Community Media Forum Europe conference held in Nicosia in 2011, and are currently supporting MYCYradio, the first online multilingual web radio station in Cyprus.


United Nations Development Programme – Action for Cooperation and Trust

Having been established under an initiative supported by UNDP-ACT, CCMC recently completed project activities for itsMultiCommMedia project, running from October 2011 to July 2013.


United Nations Development Programme – Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF)

CCMC is currently implementing a project funded by UNDP-PFF which will record and highlight people’s memories of the recently-renovated Municipal Market (Bandabuliya) in northern Nicosia.


United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

The CCMC premises are located in Nicosia’s Buffer Zone, in the grounds of the Ledra Palace hotel currently in use as barracks for UNFICYP forces. CCMC and UNFICYP have signed an Memorandum of Understanding to establish their relationship and partnership in cooperating in activities which positively enhance social change between the two main ethnic communities on the island.


US Embassy Nicosia

CCMC has partnered with the Bi-Communal Support Program for a Youth Documentary film camp in 2012 and for a media skills training program called “Emerging Voices” in 2013.


Goethe-Institut Cyprus

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. The Goethe-Institut Cyprus organises and supports a wide range of cultural events for the promotion of German culture outside Germany and for intercultural exchange. CCMC has partnered with Goethe-Institut Cyprus on the PRIX JEUNESSE’S BEST IN CHILDREN’S TV; the best of children’s television, honoured by the internationally-recognised Prix Jeunesse International competition screened in Cyprus with youth from across the island.


Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

CCMC is a member of CMFE and hosted their first General Assembly in Nicosia Cyprus in 2011. Larry Fergeson, General Manager of CCMC was voted Secretary of the Board in May 2013. CMFE was founded to strengthen the participation of the “Third Media Sector” in European discussion and decision-making processes at a moment when freedoms of expression and free access to information are increasingly endangered by the consequences of concentration in the media field. CMFE`s network is growing steadily and, to date has a total of 109 members from 25 European countries: 51 Individual Members and 58 Organizational Members, of which 26 are (National) Federations. Among its 18 affiliate members it counts also individuals and organisations from Africa, Asia and North America.


Anna Lindh Foundation

CCMC is a member of the Cyprus Anna Lindh Network whose purpose is to bring people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures. Since its launch in 2005, the Anna Lindh Foundation has launched and supported action across fields impacting on mutual perceptions among people of different cultures and beliefs, as well as developing a region-wide Network of over 3000 civil society organisations.


Council of Europe

CCMC has worked with the CoE on two funded projects. CCMC hosted a National Encounter for Cypriot Journalists from across Cyprus for the joint EU/CoE programme MARS - Media Against Racism in Sport sought to question the media’s ability to include diverse and non-discriminative approaches in the way they were covering sport issues. The MARS – Media Against Racism in Sport programme was an opportunity to highlight the benefits of including diversity and non-discrimination in the media content design and production processes. Additionally CCMC is a partner in the joint European Union (EU)/Council of Europe (CoE) programme MEDIANE – Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness. Its focus is on the media’s abilities and capacities to include diversities of today’s European societies in the production process as well as in the designing of media content, in particular of news that contributes to inform the public opinion. CCMC hosted the launch of the MEDIANE programme in June 2013 wwith over 90 media professionals from across Europe.


EFJ - The European Federation of Journalists (MEDIANE partner)

As the regional organisation of the International Federation of Journalists, EFJ has been within the framework of the IFJ Constitution to represent the interests of journalists' unions and their members. The EFJ links about 260.000 journalists in over thirty European countries. The EFJ supports its affiliates to foster trade unions, to recruit new members and to maintain or create environments in which quality, journalistic independence; pluralism, public service values and decent work in the media exist. The EFJ is recognised by the European Union, the Council of Europe and the European Trade Union Confederation. The EFJ’s headquarters is in Brussels.

EJTA – The European Journalism Training Association (MEDIANE partner)

Grouping 55 Journalism centres, schools and universities from 23 countries across Europe, EJTA aims at improving journalism education in Europe, enabling members to collaborate on exchanges and teaching and research projects, and meeting regularly to exchange ideas and information. The association organises conferences and seminars to encourage discussions about journalism and journalism training and stimulates long and medium term exchanges within students’ and/or lecturers’ communities. It is revising its Tartu Declaration, which provides a benchmark for what training journalism should cover. The declaration has been adopted by UNESCO among others

Media Animation (MEDIANE partner)

Conceived as a media education resource centre and lifelong learning organization for the Brussels Wallonia Federation, Media Animation is recognized and subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture. The centre is specialised for implementing research, information, training and educational resources for teachers, social workers, adults and professionals in the educational sector. Media Animation coordinates and participates in different EC funded projects in the fields of media literacy, cultural diversity, citizenship and non-discrimination. Media Animation facilitates a European network for media literacy

FairPlay - Different Colours. One Game (MARS partner)

The “FairPlay. Different Colours. One Game” campaign was launched by the VIDC in 1997 within the framework of the European Union Year Against Racism. The objective of this first and only nationwide intercultural sports project is to use the popularity and integrative power of football to fight racism and other forms of discrimination by means of pro-active methods.

UEFA Respect (MARS partner)

UEFA (Union des Associations Européennes de Football) is the governing body of European football. UEFA’s political structure is a representative democracy based on 53 member associations, which is supported by 19 specialised committees that shape UEFA policies on issues such as national team competitions, refereeing and club licensing. As a non-profit organisation, it redistributes income into football development, supporting its mission to promote and protect European football at every level of the gam

EPAS : Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (MARS partner)

A group of 34 States from the Council of Europe and beyond are members of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport to develop sport policies at european level, in cooperation with sport federations and NGOs. The aim of EPAS is to promote sport and emphasise its positive values, making it healthier, fairer and better governed.

The Thomson Foundation

The Thomson Foundation is the world's longest established international media development organisation, with a 50-year history of training journalists in ethical standards and quality reporting. We work with media organisations, governments, civil society bodies and commercial entities wishing to sponsor professional excellence in communications. Based in the UK, we have worked in more than 150 countries around the world. CCMC has partnered with The Thomson Foundation in Cyprus for media skills trainings with both CSOs and journalists across the island.

FUNDACIÓN CIBERVOLUNTARIOS (Community Media Empowering Program “m-Com” partner)

Fundación Cibervoluntarios is a non-profit organization in Madrid, Spain made up of social entrepreneurs whose vision is to use new technologies as a means for social innovation and citizen empowerment. To achieve this goal its mission is ensuring that all people are alike the opportunity to access, learn and use new technologies to overcome the digital divide, eliminating social gaps and promoting the knowledge society. We started our workout in December 2001 and, after 3 years as an association; in 2005 we became a Foundation under the protectorate of the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish Government. We have been working for more than 10 years with a main goal: to empower people through the social use of ICTs.

Institut E-SENIORS (Community Media Empowering Program “m-Com” partner)

The association is a non-profit organization in Paris, France aiming to support the development of ICT training for seniors and disabled people. In order to achieve this objective it has chosen the bottom-up approach, giving priority to the needs of its public and proposes solutions which benefit of the synergy between the users, the research professionals and the solution developers.

DIMITRA Institute of Training and Development (Community Media Empowering Program “m-Com” partner)

DIMITRA, since 1989 is a certified private VET institute with extensive experience and unique competencies in both methodology development and production of practical solutions matching specific vocational and professional development needs. DIMITRA works towards the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development through the employment of innovative and participative tools and methodologies. It has training centers in 4 major cities in Greece and provides professional training to participants (unemployed, socially sensitive groups, employees of the private or public sector), aiming to the acquisition of necessary abilities, skills & expertise for their promotion & integration into the labour market and the society in general.

Associazione “” (Community Media Empowering Program “m-Com” partner) is a non-profit cultural association based in Molfetta, Italy whose main aim is promotion and circulation of media and video language in all of its forms. The organization aims to tell stories and social phenomenons, cultural diversities, human rights and youth cultures in movie production projects and multicultural multimedia workshops. Special attention is on development of educational projects in schools and workshops and as well on multicultural and no-borders projects.

Lietuvos Žinijos draugija (Community Media Empowering Program “m-Com” partner)

Lithuanian company '' Žinija'' is one of the oldest NGO organisations in Vilnius, LITHUANIA; 64 years in history. It is public, non-profit organisation. Its aim is to initiate and organise non-formal education for adults and youth, children in Lithuania, to strengthen the need for life - long learning of Lithuanians of all periods of age.


THE CIES ASSOCIATION (CENTER OF SOCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES) in Koszalin, Poland is one of the biggest and well-known educational and supporting institutions in Poland. The northern part of our country is the area where CIES has its largest influence and degree of activeness. The main objective of The CIES Association is to support and promote cultural, sport, social and educational activities; especially emphasizing the activities which are directly related to public benefits for example; science, education, upbringing, improvement of the quality of education, organization of conferences, lectures and also events in the field of scientific, cultural, social and educational aspects of the Association.

Marmara Eğitimciler Derneği (Community Media Empowering Program “m-Com” partner)

Marmara Educators Association is a non-governmental educational organization, established in Istanbul, Turkey targeting in adaptation of working force to transformations of educational, technological and physical environment, improvement of the existing and acquisition of new qualifications, exchange of experience and know-how in national level and promotion of regional development at education/instruction area. Marmara Educators Association help young people to get both general and vocational education, promote themselves and find employment. Motivate and assist them in solving their problems. We become a united whole between school (staff) and students’ parents. Our organization is also active in organizing free time activities. We also organize irregular leisure time activities, holiday activities, competitions and exhibitions in various areas. We have 400 active members that consist of teachers, educators, instructors and academicians.

MİLİTOS EMERGİNG TECHNOLOGİES & SERVİCES (Making digital competences an advantage for journalists “Media Hackers” partner)

Militos Emerging Technologies & Services, since its establishment in 2000 in Athens, Greece steadily continues its business success in rendering high quality consulting services that require complex thinking processes and a strong scientific foundation.

Team members provide only high quality consulting services and offer real time expertise investing in research, innovation and communication, while capitalizing on possibilities created by EU policies, initiatives, programmes, measures and actions.

European Youth4Media Network e.V. “Y4M” (Making digital competences an advantage for journalists “Media Hackers” partner)

The most important areas of work in the European Youth4Media network association include media literacy and digital media education for young people that equip them with new competences and skills concerning ICT and new media.

Medias Technolgies Conseil “MTC” (Making digital competences an advantage for journalists “Media Hackers” partner)

Médias Technolgies Conseil / MTC sprl (MTC) is a Brussels-based company focused on editorial consultancy and European Affairs. MTC focuses its activities on Media consultancy (incl. electronic media) and media monitoring, Editorial production/copywriting/translation (French & English languages) for private companies and international organizations, Management of EU projects, B-to-B communication & marketing consultancy, Evaluation of EU project proposals, Advice on European calls for tender/proposals, Academic lectures: sources of information on Europe & methodology of EU projects.

Journalist Union of Macedonia and Thrace “ESIEMTH” (Making digital competences an advantage for journalists “Media Hackers” partner)

The Journalists’ Union of Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers (ESIEMTH) is Greece’s oldest and second largest journalists’ union, representing over 800 media professionals. It is a full member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), participating in their various campaigns to safeguard labor rights, promote freedom of expression and maintain high standards of journalism.

STEJAR Center of Research, Development & Excellence “STEJAR” (Making digital competences an advantage for journalists “Media Hackers” partner)

STEJAR is a modern think tank research centre in Bucharest, Romania focusing mostly in the fields of lifelong learning, educational and vocational training, employment guidance and growth, social inclusion and re-integration into the labour market, as well as promotion of entrepreneurial culture, startup support and sustainability consulting. STEJAR takes advantage and fully exploits the available innovative technologies to design and implement custom e-learning training addressed to public and private enterprises, entrepreneurs and groups at risk. Special emphasis is put on women (work-life balance, mentoring, sex-based discrimination at work, ICT skills).Our experts are VET consultants (academics, experts, and trainers), business and e-learning consultants, and are supported by a sophisticated IT team. STEJAR continuously strives for excellence by updating its learning and training methodologies based on international innovations, trends and advances.

RNDO Limited “R&Do” (Making digital competences an advantage for journalists “Media Hackers” partner)

“R&Do” designs and develops integrated IT solutions, web-based applications and enterprise software applications. The company’s goal is the continuous development and commercialization of innovative ideas in the form of products and services that are mainly based on ICT. The experienced team of R&Do is well known for their research, conceptualization, design and implementation of innovative ideas, applications and projects which promote development and innovation, support the green economy, contribute to employability through vocational training and respond to current social needs. R&DO’s strong point is the design and implementation of communication strategies and activities. The team has great experience in the production and design of interactive learning software adaptation. Dissemination activities and publicity in both traditional and digital media as well as the initiation of and participation in co-funded European projects complement the company’s main activities.

Qabila Media Productions (Media Buffer Zone Project partner)

Media content creator in Egypt that successfully utilizes crowd sourcing to create a network of media professionals. Qabila is an incubator of ideas, a place where people – collectively - imagine, write, shoot, and direct films, programs, and media campaigns. The same way Wikipedia depends on the public to write the world’s largest encyclopedia, Qabila depends on masses of people to turn ideas into productions. In one year and through its network, Qabila produced more than 80 productions, had more than 5 million views to its work that has been displayed on most Arab T.V. channels.

UG Zašto ne “Why Not?” (Media Buffer Zone Project partner)

a Sarajevo-based non-governmental organisation that promotes civic activism, government accountability, and the use of digital media and new technologies in deepening democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is one of the leading organizations in BiH in these fields. UG Zašto ne is also a watchdog that works in civil participation and develops web-media content.

Near East Consulting (Media Buffer Zone Project partner)

Performs quantitative and qualitative research for media organizations (such as: BBC Trust Fund, Internews) and are composed of a team of researchers skilled in survey research and data analysis. Their experience covered a wide array of consultancies ranging from public opinion polling, media research, democracy and democratization, food security, health and education, women and children, socio-economic development, poverty and the labor market, peace and conflict resolution, arms control and disarmament, electoral processes, Palestinian refugees, demography, legal and judicial systems, impact of aid and assistance.

Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft & Medienforschung, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München(In)Forming Conflict Prevention, Response and Resolution: The Role of Media in Violent Conflict partner)

CCMC is a partner with the Ludwig-Maximilians - University Munich under the EU Work Programme 2013, SSH.2013.4.2.-1 “Media in Conflict and Peace Building" FP-7 project.


Cyprus Community Media Centre

'Empowering a media literate and active society.'