'On the Road' training in Agros 29 July 2011

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campAs part of its ongoing goal to improve the communications capacity of civil society and its members, CCMC provided video training to teenagers as part of its ‘On the Road’ series of workshops across Cyprus. The training took place as part of a bicommunal youth camp organised by CCMC member Peace Players in Agros, Cyprus, on 29 July 2011. The camp, which was designed to develop lasting friendships between the youth in an atmosphere of team playing and sports, involved activities such as competitive basketball matches, trivia games, peacebuilding exercises and the CCMC video training course. The results of the training were two short films, storyboarded, scripted and acted by the young participants, which were screened on the final night of the camp. Stay tuned for more updates about ‘On the Road’ training from CCMC!


Cyprus Community Media Centre

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