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"Where are the Women?" Photo Challenge

Want to exhibit your work? Want to draw attention to the lack of gender equality?

Calling all photographers—professional and amateur! We are happy to announce the launch of “Where are the Women?” photo challenge!-


We welcome submissions that will address:
the lack of gender equality in the peace building efforts,

  • ** the need for a solution that embraces and safeguards gender equality.

Your photograph should include a written message (in any of the three languages; English, Greek or Turkish) that should address one or both of the themes above, using creative ways or materials!


The aims of this challenge include raising awareness on the lack of representation of women in the Cyprus peace process and encouraging more women to get involved. Social media users are encouraged to share the photos in order to reach a greater audience.


The best 10 submissions will be selected by a committee and exhibited at various places around the island!


How to submit:

Deadline for submissions is April 8th!



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Membership Event



 Come join us today at CCMC to learn more about our new membership policy and procedure! We will be presenting the new era of CCMC to our member organisations and organisations that are interested in joining our network. Learn about our new Community Space Rentals, Studio Rentals, Equipment Rentals and Trainings. But more importantly learn about our new upgraded members benefits ! See you today Thursday 30 January at 17:30 at our premises for a dicussion joined by snacks and drinks!



MYCYradio announces the launch of its mobile application

MYCYradio has launched its mobile application aiming to reach new communities in Cyprus and overseas. At present, MYCYradio broadcasts 34 programmes on a variety of issues and in a number of different languages, including English, Greek, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, Tamil and Sinhalese.
 The application is available to download online for both Android and iOS devices:
WATW TR Invite

Second Panel: " Women's Role and Representation in the Peace Process"


Our new project Where are the Women?: Capturing the Gender Dividend in Cyprus Peace Process and Beyond is continuing with the second Panel Discussion that will be held in Eastern Mediterranean University on January 6th, 2014! The Panel Discussion entitled "Where are the Women in the Cyprus Peace Process" will start at 18:00 on Jan. 6th at EMU - Mavi Salon.


The discussion on women's role and representation in the peace process  will feature Lisa Buttenheim, Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus; John M. Koenig, Ambassador of United States of America in Cyprus; Assoc. Prof. Erol Kaymak, Research Director of Cyprus 2015, Asst. Prof. Fatma Güven Lisaniler from Eastern Mediterranean University, Asst. Prof. Umut Bozkurt, Member of Gender Advisory Team (GAT) and Doğuş Derya, Member of Parliament and member of Gender Advisory Team (GAT) and Hazal Yolga, Project Coordinator of “Where are the women: Capturing the Gender Dividend in Cyprus for Peace and Beyond”, CCMC as speakers.


You can see the event program here. 


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