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2nd funding round for the Youth Power Small Grants

Youth Power announces that the second round of the Youth Power Small Grants initiative is now active. Applications are open from Friday 15 June to Monday 16 July, 2012. The Youth Power Small Grants provide substructures for registered organisations, informal groups and individuals to realize their youth-orientated bicommunal projects. More details can be found on www.youthpowercyprus.orgYouth Power, the bicommunal network of Non Governmental Youth Organisations announces the second round of Small Grants, open from Friday 15 June to Monday 16 July, 2012. Registered organisations, informal groups and individuals will be eligible to apply for the Grants, the overall figure of which amounts to €87,000. Each new project will be eligible for funding up to €15,000. Projects based on bicommunal partnerships, focusing on trans-communal and/or youth related issues/interests, at regions where the tradition of bi-communal youth activity is not well established will be favored in this second round. Youth Power invites all interested parties to visit the website for details on the criteria and the application procedure. The Youth Power Small Grants Initiative is funded by UNDP ACT. "Cyprus Youth TO-GEt-THERe”, “Graffiti For Peace” and “Back For The Future” are the titles of the three winner projects of the first round of the Youth Power Small Grants, aiming to bring together the youth from both sides of Cyprus in a creative common ground.


Future Worlds Center: Press Release on 20th of June, 2012 - World Refugee Day: "The refugees amongst us"

"Future Worlds Center: Press Release on 20th of June, 2012 - World Refugee Day: "The refugees amongst us"

Sixteen-year-old Amina will never forget the day that she had to flee from her home in Mogadishu in southern Somalia, where she was staying with her mother and sisters.  There was a beautiful dawn, but the rest of that March day in 2007 was filled with fear and tears. The security situation in Mogadishu had been deteriorating for years, turning the city into a battle of warfare and devastation caused by fighting between Ethiopian and Somali government troops, and Islamist guerrillas. Hundreds of civilians were killed while the city was abandoned by at least half of its residents. Despite Amina’s age her mother decided that she had to leave Somalia, hoping that should would find a more secure place to live. The journey to Europe was long, tiring, and frightening. When she reached her destination the smuggler told her she was in Cyprus, a place she had never heard of, she just hoped it was in Europe. As an asylum seeker in Cyprus, Amina hoped that her troubles where behind her; but at times she felt helpless as she encountered obstacle after obstacle in her new everyday life, such as going through the complicated asylum process, finding a safe place to live, surviving on very little money,  and struggling with a new language and culture. 


Youth workshops in Paphos from Future Worlds Center

CCMC member Future Worlds Center are organising two workshops for youth in Paphos in June-July. The first is a five-day workshop from 24-28 June entitled 'Youth! Envisage and design your ideal future!' for 18-30 year olds. The workshop will be engaging young people of Cyprus from all walks of life (including disadvantaged, unemployed, highly educated and politically active), politicians and other stakeholders in an open dialogue on how to encourage active youth participation at civil affairs and how to design ideal systems of governance. Using the methodology of Structured Democratic Dialogue, the workshop will examine the reasons why young people refuse to cooperate with contemporary socio-political systems. Youth will explain how they envision an ideal world to function and thus propose and design their ideal future.

The second workshop 'Using Democratic Dialogue to Reinvent Democracy' will take place, also in Paphos, from 29 June to 3 July 2012. This five day workshop is on "reinventing" democracy and the participants will be invited to actively deliberate in order to collectively develop a vision for ideal systems of governance, and propose action plans and practical measures for reforms in order to encourage youth participation and strengthen democracy. The workshops will be implemented using the Structured Democratic Dialogue Process (SDDP). For more information and application forms please contact Irini Anastassiou or tel  +357 22 873820.


Support the Association for the Welfare of People with Mental Handicap

The Association for the Welfare of People with Mental Handicap is organising a fundraising event on Wednesday 27 June, at 7pm, at the grounds of its day care centre in Strovolos. Founded in July 1990 by the parents and friends of people with mental handicap, the Association has been offering care and support for adults with such severe physical and mental handicaps at two day care centres – the Favierou Centre in the heart of Nicosia close to Paphos Gate, and in Strovolos on Archbishop Kyprianou Avenue. Having met with both Ms Mary Katsioloudi and Mr Petros Markou from the Board just recently we were touched by their dedication to making the Association a sustainable organisation that can provide for people from all walks of life, and regardless of ethnic or religious background. For more information you can contact Ms Katsiolidou at:


YOUTH COMPETITION: Is Sexuality Education important in school?

Are you a young person from 13 to 21 years of age? What do you know about your sexual and reproductive health? How important is Sexuality Education to you? Take part in the competition by answering, as creatively as you can, to the following question:

Is Sexuality Education important in school, and why?

The Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA) and the Cyprus Youth Council (CyC) are organising a competition about the importance of Sexuality Education in school. Through this competition young people are given the opportunity to express themselves freely about the subject of Sexuality Education, which is based on human rights, and includes learning about their bodies, sexuality, emotions, relationships, sexual health and their own selves. The competition encourages participation by young people aged 13 to 21 years of age who would like to express themselves in a creative, direct and authentic way with a video clip, visual art, dance, song, story, essay, performance, radio spot, mobile phone app or any other way that they feel expresses them. Three prizes worth €500 in gift vouchers for electronic devices/games will be given. The competition is being held within the framework of the European Project: Sexual Awareness for Europe (SAFE II). More information about the SAFEII project at For more information about the competition: - – 22751093 / 1455

The CFPA is one of the oldest, well established Non Governmental Organization’s (NGO’s) in Cyprus, with a rich and continuous contribution to society health, education and Human Rights since its inception in 1971. The CFPA is a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The CFPA’s vision is a world in which sexuality is expressed and enjoyed with freedom, equality, respect and love. The Cyprus Youth Council (CyC) is the only platform that represents Non-Governmental Youth Organizations in Cyprus, and operates as their coordinating body with the State, and their representative to numerous international and European forums.


Cyprus Community Media Centre

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