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Migrants & Equal Treatment

KISA would like to invite you on behalf of the organisers to participate in a forthcoming International Workshop “Migrants and the Right to Equal Treatment in Cyprus” to be held in Nicosia, on Wednesday, 21st November 2012 at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Finance. Held in advance of the Equality Summit 2012, this event provides an opportunity for a broad range of national and European actors to engage in a collaborative and cohesive debate on the presence and rights of migrants in Cyprus. This one day event will consist of two thematic plenary sessions which aim to explore the link between migration and equality within the broader EU and international policy framework relating to fundamental rights and non-discrimination. Simultaneous thematic working Groups in the afternoon will provide an active learning space for practitioners, public service providers, and policy makers to share and explore pragmatic solutions to address the structural challenges facing third country nationals. The plenary sessions will be English and Greek. Register online here.

“The World We Want” Global Civil Society Symposium 22-23 November 2012

CYINDEP, the Cyprus Island-wide NGO Development Platform would like to invite you to the Beyond2015 conference in Cyprus “The World We Want” Global Civil Society Symposium focusing on Food Security and Nutrition in the Post-2015 Framework on 22-23 November 2012 in UN Buffer Zone, Nicosia Cyprus. In accordance with the vision of the European Task-Force of the Beyond2015 Campaign, CYINDEP envisions the post-2015 development framework to contribute to a just, equitable and sustainable world in which every person can realise their human rights, fulfil their potential and live free from poverty. CYINDEP envisions the post-2015 framework to be a global framework with global goals and nationally adapted targets according to the common-but-differentiated principle in order to ensure higher legitimacy, ownership and commitment of every stakeholder involved.The symposium will focus specifically on the food security – nutrition dimension of a potential future goal related to human development. It will analyse in detail six key issues related to food security, namely:

1. Nutrition,

2. Sustainable Agriculture;

3. Resilience;

4. Water;

5. Governance;

6. The Role of the Private Sector.

Each of these key issues will be addressed in one Working Group. Three cross-cutting aspects are crucial to be integrated into the formulation of positions and recommendations:

(1) the Human Rights based approach – the symposium is build on the concept of the right to food;

(2) Policy Coherence for Development; and

(3) Sustainable Development with its three dimensions (environmental; economic; and socio-political).

Each Working Group will focus on one of the six key issues and will address all three cross-cutting issues.If you would like to participate please visit the website here to register. . our website on  to register for the conference. Please note that CYINDEP can cover a limited number of travel and accommodation expenses for participants to attend the conference. If you need financial support for your travel and accommodation, please complete the application form attached or alternatively download from our website and send the form to this email address to  latest by 10 November 2012. For more information click here. 


"Past traumas, the representation of history and peace education" conference

CCMC member POST RI, German Cypriot Forum and Friedrich Ebert Foundation are pleased to invite you to the international conference on the reflections of past traumas, representation of history and peace education to be held on 26 and 27 October at the Goethe-Institut in Nicosia. "Past traumas, the representation of history and peace education" is a two-day conference in the buffer zone seeking alternative ways to overcome the stereotypical representation of the past. The conference aims to discuss the reflections and the influences of past traumas with the renown scholars and educators from Italy, India and Cyprus. The Conference is a great opportunity to hear the experiences of the other conflicting areas including Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan. The workshops also provide unique opportunity to educators to learn peace education techniques on gender, ecology, nationalism and racism. More info here.

Urban upgrading with UNDP-PFF

The European Commission and the United Nations Development Programme - Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF) are very pleased to announce the completion of two infrastructure and urban upgrading projects benefiting the communities of Louroukina (Lurucina) / Akincilar, Nicosia and Kyrenia, in the northern part of Cyprus. The projects are financed by the European Union under the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community and implemented by the UNDP Partnership for the Future. Saving lives, improving road safety Pedestrian crossings, improvement of sidewalks, clear road signs and speed limits, creation of regulated right turns & side parking and installation of three traffic signalisation system, two of which are for pedestrian use only, installation of twenty three traffic signs and road markings. These are some of the road safety measures funded by the EU and carried out by UNDP-PFF in 3 “black spots” locations in Nicosia and Kyrenia. The overall action costs 139,000 Euro. ‘Blackspot’ is a term used in road safety management to denote a place where fatal road traffic accidents are concentrated. The ones addressed by this project were identified in consultation with the local authorities and with the support of international consultants based on the number of accidents and fatalities which occurred. More public spaces for the community of Louroukina (Lurucina) / Akincilar Thanks to EU funds UNDP-PFF has recently completed some additional urban upgrading works in the village of Louroukina (Lurucina) / Akincilar. The new works focused on upgrading the sport field of the village and the school perimeter, as well as on the improvement of the village coffee shop. The works for the upgrading of the main square of the village is one of several projects funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP-PFF in small villages and towns in the northern part of Cyprus. By creating new public spaces and renovating several buildings’ facades overlooking the main streets of the village aimed to return the village to its economic activities while raising awareness on the importance of conducting sustainable restoration by combining original materials with modern techniques. The overall project (phase one and two) costs around 305,000 Euros. For more information contact UNDP Partnership for the Future

Roundtable discussion on Vulnerabilities of Migrant Children 17 October 2012

The Cypriot Presidency of the European Union has taken the initiative to further the discussions around Child Poverty and Well-being at European level by organising a high level conference on 18-19 October 2012 in Nicosia. In view of this conference, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Cyprus, the Office of the European Parliament in Cyprus, Eurochild, the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) and KISA – Action for Equality, Support,Antiracism, are organising on Wednesday 17 October 2012, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m at EU House, 30 Byron Avenue, 1096 Nicosia, a Roundtable Discussion in order to bring together the various key stakeholders to consider the specific vulnerabilities of migrant children and relevant good practices.

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