CCMC to take part in European Get Online Week 2015

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UntitledNot every European is digital just yet. But we're getting there. Thousands of community telecentres get people online and on jobs across Europe. We celebrate their work in the last week of March of every year, by organizing Get Online Week - to empower a digital Europe.  

Between 23-29 March 2015, Europe is invited to enter a digital world full of benefits. For the first time CCMC, as a part of the project Generation 0101, will be supporting and arranging activities to promote the campaign and raise awareness of Get Online Week.

The Get Online Week campaign for 2015 addresses two key issues and is built on simple messages: 

1. Digital empowerment - seeking to raise awareness and build people’s set of skills required by the available digital jobs   

2. Digital inclusion - making sure no one is left behind, by raising awareness and initiating offliners and various disadvantaged groups in the online world


With 20% Europeans still offline and with 39% of the EU workforce lacking proper digital skills , the campaign partners have much to do, especially looking at the hundreds of thousands of digital jobs available on the labour market. The equation is simple. Get those 20% online and get those 39% aware and ready to take the available digital jobs.

 Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) in partnership with 6 other European NGOs and Non-profit organisations, are collaborating to tackle the issue of youth unemployment with project Generation0101. The project aims to build Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) skills and confidence of young people, and thus increase their chances of finding work. To do this, the organisations will create educational modules and offer free training in several ICT disciplines are currently in demand in the working world: E-journalism, Mobile Application development, Web designing, Community Web Radio, using Online collaboration tools (cloud solution, online document sharing…), Easy Coding (game development), and Video development.

 Each partner will be in charge of developing one of these modules in a field they have experience in, and then sharing it with all Generation0101 partners. CCMC and the others will then offer training to young people, within their communities, in all 7 fields for free with a proficiency test and certification at the end. The trainings will be available from early 2016.


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