Community radio in action!

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agorasolWhat better way to celebrate World Radio Day than visiting a grassroots volunteer-based activist radio station in Madrid! Some of the CCMC team were recently in Madrid as part of the m-Com Community Media Empowering program we are involved in Europe-wide. During our visit we also met with Agora Sol, a community radio station run on an entirely voluntary basis by a group of dedicated journalists and activists. The station represents a diversity of voices and opinions in a society, they feel, is in need of increased dialogue. The programmes represent a range of subjects, and many volunteers run different programmes, provided that the content demonstrates respect for human rights, cultural diversity, the environment, freedom of expression and opinion. All decisions at the station are made by consensus, and the radio station is solely funded by in-kind donations and contributions of the personal time of its board, presenters, and technicians. The key philosophy of the people behind Ágora Sol is that they firmly believe in citizens having access to media channels through which their voices can be directly heard. A true inspiration!

Cyprus Community Media Centre

'Empowering a media literate and active society.'