CCMC’s Video Boot Camp: A six-week crash course in Lighting, Camera & Editing

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videobootcampCCMC’s Video Boot Camp:

A six-week crash course in Lighting, Camera & Editing


Every Wednesday evening from 6-9pm between 24 October and 28 November 2012. At the Cyprus Community Media Centre, Nicosia

The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) is providing a valuable opportunity for civil society to learn the basics in video production and editing with this six-week course (leaflet here). In cooperation with trainers from Ze’dem Media, the course will equip you with a solid foundation in the process of making documentary-style videos and the technical aspects of camera operation, sound, lighting and editing.

Entry is FREE but registration is essential. Click here to register now as places are limited!

24 October 2012: Day 1 – Introduction & Theory


  • Introduction (Background info of the trainer Michalis Kalopedis, goals).
  • How video can be used online for various purposes (video journalism, guerrilla filmmaking, reportage style videos, etc).
  • Examples for new ways of storytelling and documentary approach.
  • Discussion and Expectations of the Course

31 October 2012: Day 2 – Camera & Sound


  • Camera aesthetics (Theory: Rule of thirds, depth of field, camera angles, movements, lighting, storytelling through framing of shot)
  • Camera options (ENG cameras Vs DSLR)
  • Camera settings (White balance, Iris, ND filters, gain / ISO, etc)
  • Sound (microphone options, how to handle hardware)

07 November 2012: Day 3 - Lighting


  • 3-point lighting theory
  • Using gels / filters and other ways of manipulating light resources
  • Alternative / Natural lighting solutions
  • Practice


14 November 2012: Day 4 - Editing

  •  Intro to Final Cut
  • Capture, Linking media
  • Transcoding
  • Compressing for online distribution


21 November: Day 5 – Editing


  • Participants to start editing their footage with support of instructor.
  • One-on-One sessions


28 November: Day 6 – Wrap & Present

  • Participants to finish editing their material and export their videos.
  • Presentations & Discussions

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